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I’ve worked with all kinds of different phones: iPhones, Samsung devices, Xiaomis, Nokias. But when I’m going out on one of my photo walks, I ususally grab my old Samsung Galaxy S8 or my LG G4. Both have good smartphone cameras for pictures and really great native camera apps which give you enough manual control. Let’s have a look at the LG G4:


You can set white balance (Kelvin), focus, ISO, and exposure. The file format of the pictures is .jpg or RAW which is great, too. The main camera takes pictures with up to 16MP and videos with up to 4K. Its aperture starts from f/1.8. The exchangeable battery is, in my opinion, another big plus of this phone. It comes with a capacity of 3.000 mAh. You can still get this phone from online platforms like eBay for as little as 70 Euros (good condition). You see: smartphone photography doesn’t have to cost the earth.